First post

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There is never a first post. One cannot start with a blank slate. One can only start from where one already is. I cannot unlearn what I have learned, I can only try to add to it. Each utterance always responds to something, and always awaits another response. We can only start from where we are. The only place we will ever be. Here and now.

You are reading this and thinking about what you already know. You already know how you are going to respond to what I write, even before you read what I wrote. I cannot ask you to suddenly not know what you already know. Your here and now is not the same as the here and now from which I am writing.

Somehow we must manage.

I dread anticipating how you will read my words. What will you think? I sweat over attempting to guess your questions, your objections. I fail. I cannot but fail in that task. That is the price of writing.

This is not a first post.

print  “Hello World!”;

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